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We are reinventing recruiting

We take pride in our work, and the talent we’ve placed. We ask a lot of questions and more importantly, we know how to listen.

About Topfolio

Topfolio was born out of the notion that the recruitment industry just has to get better. We are combatted by a myriad of online tools, AI, and recruitment technology that is SUPPOSED to make things better.

However, this has taken the people factor out of the people business. People stopped listening by clicking a button, you are supposed to find your dream job.

We all know that creative is different than any other field. You can’t really quantify art and design, can you?

We felt like the one size fits all model didn’t really work anymore. People just stopped asking the right questions and listening to each other.

Job titles became fancier but less clear. People are having a harder time connecting with one another and it has become more difficult to tell the whole story.

Managers are also having a difficult time. You can’t tell your entire story in a resume or job posting but you can tell it to us. We are bringing recruitment back to the most basic sense.

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