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Recent episodes

Podcast 2: Brandon Comstock on How Good UX is Not About Deliverables

Chris’s guest is Brandon Comstock, Director Of User Experience at Boston Digital. According to Brandon, good UX doesn’t focus on deliverables like building wireframes or user requirements. It also doesn’t focus on design in the “graphic designer” sense.

Podcast 3: Derek Mei

Because of growing user expectations, good UX has become a team sport. The design and development teams can’t design in a silo as all functional departments have valuable input to share when it comes to user feedback and expectations.

Podcast 4: Aaron Usiskin on the #1 UX Skill

Chris’s guest is Aaron Usiskin, a consultant at ETS specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning UX.  Listen in as Chris and Aaron uncover the #1 UX skill.

Podcast 5: Bridget Lyons on the UX Design Continuum

The Chris Miller Show is in its fifth episode of speaking with top UX experts about the various complexities of this advancing field.  His goal is to solve the mystery of what exactly is UX. After producing this podcast with Bridget Lyons, we sense he’s getting closer.

Podcast 6: Ryan Rosenberg on the Primary Purpose of UX

The Chris Miller Show is in its sixth episode of speaking with top UX experts as he continues to uncover the mystery around this growing field. After his interview with Sanofi’s Ryan Rosenberg, Chris uncovers the primary purpose of UX.

Podcast 7: Vivek Gupta on the Path to UX Bliss

In episode 7 of The Chris Miller Show, Chris speaks with Vivek Gupta, a UX senior UX lead, manager, and consultant.  Chris typically discusses how different UX experts apply UX in their job. This month, Vivek shares how a UX designer, architect, and strategist should all approach their work. However, Vivek doesn’t stop there. He also shares his three keys to success as a UX professional as a way of life. What’s his key ingredient to a successful career as a UX professional no matter your role?

Podcast 8: Brian Morrison on the Homerun Power of UX

Let’s say you’re an up and coming UX pro and dream of becoming a UX powerhouse at your company. What’s your path to power? Welcome to Episode 08 of The Chris Miller Show, a UX podcast series detailing and demystifying the growing UX profession.

Podcast 9: Glenn Greenberg on Simplifying Online Education Deployments

As the need for online education capabilities increases during the COVID-19 pandemic, learning institutions slow to deploy solutions are now scrambling.  In episode 9, Chris discusses this online infrastructure gap many learning institutions are racing to fill by summer’s end. Chris speaks with Glenn Greenberg on the implementation options available to these overwhelmed and understaffed institutions.

Podcast 10: Nick Strickland on UX at Turbo Speed

As a media UX Design & Strategist Consultant, Nick Strickland worked with both the AIR FORCE and NASCAR marketing teams. But while surrounded by all the turbo speed marketing mentality, Nick remained grounded in the true power behind each campaign’s UX success.

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